Raegita Zoro at Fashion Nation Senayan City

June 29th, 2020|Burgoproud|

Raegita Zoro presents her collections with the theme “Mangkasarak “ that combines the beauty of Makassar's Sarong Tenun and Jepara Blanket with her brand’s signature neon colonies. This collection means to show how our [...]

Bali Fashion Trend 2019

December 29th, 2019|Burgoproud|

Eleven Burgonian students presenting their collections on Bali Fashion Trend at Inaya Putri Bali in November, 2019.

Tities Sapoetra for Jakarta Fashion Week

September 29th, 2019|Burgoproud|

Tities never fails to amaze us through his unique designs. This time, he named this collection #colorsuncensored . A playful, bright, and sweet colors combinations with beautiful floral patterns on each piece. This collection [...]