About the Program

Beading is one of the oldest classic details in existence. Ever since, beading has been developing into the beading we know today through the development of beads and techniques. Through this course, you will gain knowledge of beading shape techniques and how to apply them for different functions. You will be introduced to different kinds of beads and how to use them. You will gain knowledge to elevate the techniques into beautiful handmade embellishments.



  • Bead Types
  • Drawing Beading Pattern
  • Beading Stitches
  • Applying Beading
  • Mixing Beading Types


  • Regular scissors
  • Pencil (Preferred B pencil)
  • Fabric scissors
  • Fabric iron

Provided tools (optional):

  • Fabric
  • Beading Needles
  • Sewing thread
  • Wooden Hoop
  • Table Clamp for Hoop

Through this course, we are delivering Burgo one-on-one methods to every corner of the world. With live video sessions with our instructors, it will be very interactive with both instructors and other students. You will be guided step by step personally to ensure the quality of teaching. Each lesson will consist of:

  • Live sessions with our instructors
  • Practical sessions
  • Guideline videos
  • Personal guidance and feedback
  • Certificate upon completion
  • Students able to draw beading pattern
  • Students able to work with different kind of beading stitches
  • Students able to apply the right kind of stitch for different patterns
  • Students able to create 3D beading

This course is perfect for beginners, fashion students, fashion designers who want to explore new skills in creating handmade applique for embellishment. This is also for you who wants to learn new skills in crafting. You could also combine this course with other courses as an applique on garments. Creativity is also a way for you to explore and express yourself. It could be your retreat from fast-paced and high-pressure daily life to get emotional healing.

Course Fee, Duration, and Location

Duration: 4lessons / 12 Hours

Lesson Duration: 3 Hours

Course Fee: IDR 900,000/lesson

  • Classes on every Wednesday (09:00-12:00PM)


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