Fashion Stylist



Jakarta, Indonesia

Milan, Italy ( Milan 1+1 and Milan MEP only)



  • Jakarta-based Course

    Location: IMB Indonesia, Jakarta
    Lesson duration: 3 hours
    Total course hours: 1120

    Standard Programme:
    Duration: 2 years
    Attendance: 5 lessons per week (Students can arrange their own schedule)

    Intensive Programme:
    Duration: 1 year
    Attendance: 10 lessons per week (Students can arrange their own schedule)

  • Jakarta – Milan MEP Course

    (Milan Enrichment Programme) Course

    Location: IMB Indonesia, Jakarta and IMB Milan, Italy

    Standard Programme:
    Duration: 2 years (1 year or 2 months in Milan)
    Activities in Milan include Final Exam, Collection Portfolio, Fashion Show,CAD CAM/Lectra.  

    Intensive Programme:
    Duration: 1 year (6 months or 2 months in Milan)
    Activities in Milan include Final Exam, Collection Portfolio, Fashion Show,CAD CAM/Lectra.

Enrolling 2018

Course Objectives

Students of all backgrounds (including total beginners) will learn how to handle and supervise the entire fashion production cycle from designing the first sketch to presenting the final collection.

This is the most favorite diploma program as many of our alumni that becoming emerging fashion designers are  graduated from this course.

Fashion Course

What does the fashion stylist do?

The fashion stylist plays a fundamental role in the fashion industry putting together both fashion design skills and pattern making abilities to implement new creative concepts within the market.

Acting as the driving force behind a fashion team the fashion stylist works closely with the suppliers, the marketing experts, the pattern makers, the dressmakers, the models, the showroom staff and the photographers.

To oversee and supervise the processes involved in the development of new fashion ideas the fashion stylist must possess great teamwork skills, accuracy and meticulousness as well as intuition and creativity.


  • Fashion Design

    Anatomical basis
    History of Costume
    Batik for Industry
    Drawing Techniques
    Basic Art & Design
    Fashion Rendering Techniques
    Quick Fashion Sketching
    Fashion Illustration
    Technical Drawing

  • Pattern Making

    Collection Portfolio
    Study of Body Measures
    Ease Allowance
    Pattern Making Techniques
    Technical Schedule
    Tailoring Sewing Technique
    Pattern Making Haute Couture
    Pop Cutting

  • Fashion-preneur Course (Compulsory)

    Fashion Brand and Concept
    Fashion Product Development
    Fashion Communication

Career Opportunities

The fashion stylist has many different roles in the fashion industry such as becoming independent designers or working as a designer for a fashion house.

As a fashion entrepreneur the stylist has the responsibility to plan a fashion collection with or without a team. The stylist leads and works in collaboration with the marketing and production team as well as the head designer and the prototype office to ensure an accurate and effective final collection.

In addition the fashion stylist can work within the clothing research field or in the entertainment industry for theatre, film and television.

Fashion Course 2

How to apply

  • Document Requirements

    Birth Certificate
    Identity card / Passport Copy
    Study Certificate from prior studies
    2 photos  ( 3×4 )

  • Payment

    The payment for the admission fee have to be transferred/paid after you complete the enrollment  to secure your seat.

    • Admission for Diploma Program: Regular ( Jakarta Program): € 1000
    • Dual City Program (Milan Advance program ): € 1500

    Tuition fee payment should be transferred  a month before the course starts.

  • International Students

    We will provide sponsorship letters and all documents required by the Indonesian Embassy in order to request a student visa.
    For further information regarding  student visas please contact

  • Waiting List

    The main features of our courses are a limited number of students per teacher.
    We suggest you to apply before the normal course start. If the course has already reached the maximum student capacity we let you know about our availability.

  • Students from other schools

    IMB offers the possibility to increase students ability according to their skills.
    Portfolio / prior study results are required  to assess the students capability and our teacher will make individual curriculums based on prior knowledge with the possibility to skip some subjects which have already been mastered by the student.


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